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register of wills

Carbon County Registry of Wills and Orphans’ Court Clerk Jean A. Papay announced the following for the end of July.

Total number of files opened in the register of wills and clerk of the orphans’ court: testamentary/administration, 27; Disabilities/Guardianship, 1; Termination of parental rights, 1; Adoptions, 0; Recipes, 7; Affidavit of death, 0; Miscellaneous, 2. Total open files, 38.

Total marriage licenses issued, 37; extensive genealogical research.

Acting Agent for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Revenue, for Estate Tax Collection: Collected, $483,132.48; Commission, $4,117.87 – transferred to Carbon County General Fund.

Total fees collected: county fees, $15,481.25; forensic computer fee (State), $1,073.25; State Tax and Trust Fund (State), $758.50; county data processing fee, $847.50; automation fee, $375; guardianship follow-up fee, $270; and interest, $0.85 Total collected, $22,924.22; total to county general funds, $20,717.47.

Credit defaults

The following actions have been filed by credit card companies, or their collection agencies, for alleged defaults on credit card/loan accounts.

LVNV Funding, Las Vegas, Nevada, filed the following actions: Shannon Palazzo, Box 1651, Albrightsville, asking for $1,896.71; Lynn Rehrig, 52 Dieters Hill Road, Lehighton, asking for $1,435.83; and Denise Kibler, Box 361, Lehighton, looking for $1,413.89.

First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union, Lehigh Valley, sued Brenda Enid Rodriguez, 617 Franklin Ave., Palmerton, seeking $7,719.63.

Citibank, Sioux Falls, SD, filed the following actions: Russel J. Renczkowski, 107 W. Broadway, Jim Thorpe, asking for $5,222.47; and Carl Mondero, 799 E. Main St., Weatherly, asking for $4,926.37.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, Norfolk, Virginia, filed the following actions: John Tamburello, 91 Mansi Drive, Albrightsville, seeking $2,552.55; Vincent Rash, 308 Bridge St., Lehighton, asking $2,151.44; and Walter Lemelin, 53 Penn Forest Drive, Albrightsville, seeking $12,046.22.

Midland Credit Management Inc., Warren, Michigan, filed the following actions: Candace Desrosiers, 20 Race St., Weatherly, claiming $3,320.53; Jeffrey F. Kattner, 628 Center Ave., Jim Thorpe, seeking $3,824.26; and Jonathan N. Dubow, 253 N. Second St., Lehighton, looking for $1,438.22.

Cavalry SPV I, Greenwich, Connecticut, sued Ryan Sharpe, 443 Lake Drive, Nesquehoning, seeking $3,168.04.

Discover Bank, Bensalem, sued Matthew Pascoe, 532 W. Main St., Weatherly, seeking $4,954.72.

Mortgage foreclosures

The following actions were filed as mortgage foreclosures for alleged loan defaults.

Rocket Mortgage LLC, c/o 635 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Michigan, sued Javier C. Guzman and Keri L. Lindermuth, both of 91 E. Vernon St., Summit Hill, for property at that address . Wanted is $134,247.71 and continuing interest.

KeyBank, c/o 4910 Tiedeman Road, Brooklyn, Ohio, brought an action against John W. and Carol Hofacker, 101 S. First St., Lehighton, relating to property at 77 Avenue A, Palmerton. Wanted is $60,842.82 and continuing interest.

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, c/o 3600 Horizon Drive, King of Prussia, brought an action against Cory B. and Sarah M. Sherer, 174 N. Harrity Road, Parryville, relating to a property at that address. Wanted is $110,997.19 and continuing interest.

Finance of America Mortgage LLC, c/o 300 Welsh Road, Horsham, brought an action against Christopher and Jacqueline Quaye, 320 North St., Jim Thorpe, regarding a property at that address. Wanted is $121,230.18 and continuing interest.

loan default

Toyota Motor Credit Corporation, Box 9490, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, filed a civil suit against Melissa Hoover, 40 Springgarden St., Lansford, and Verna Mascolo, 2085 Westgate Drive, Bethlehem, alleging they failed to repay a loan automobile.

Wanted is $3,552.16 plus interest, fees and charges.

slip/fall combination

Mildred Morales, 270 E. Water St., Coaldale, filed a civil lawsuit against Done By Dunegan, LLC, doing business as Riverwalck Saloon, LLC, 101 Center St., Parryville, and two unnamed defendants called John Doe 1 and John Doe 2, referred to as employees of the defendant company.

The lawsuit says that on August 2, 2020, the plaintiff was at the defendant business in an area outside the restaurant, with his family having a meal. The lawsuit alleges that “suddenly and without any warning, as the plaintiff attempted to get up and walk away from her family’s dinner table, she tripped and fell to the ground after stepping on a used wooden board for the beanbag tossing games that are spread across the floor of the restaurant premises. The lawsuit further alleges that these beanbag tossing games were improperly placed on the floor too close to the plaintiff’s dinner table .

Negligence is alleged against the defendants and damages are sought for the injuries suffered and detailed in the lawsuit.

Damages in excess of $50,000 are sought.