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Expenses that the new car brings and that some overlook

When we acquire a car, we not only acquire a commitment to a financial institution, but also some expenses that we have sometimes not considered. When thinking about what the vehicle will cost, we count the price, interest and sometimes even the cost of vehicle insurance or vehicle tax, but there are some things that we must also add to the list:

Parking lots:

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Taking the car everywhere has an additional cost, and is to pay for parking in different places. Not all places have a free space for customers, so you will have to go somewhere where they charge by the hour or fraction to avoid some theft.

Garage: If you don’t have a garage or garage at home, you should also look for a place to leave the car. These garages usually charge per night, but if you plan to leave it there all month, you can reach an agreement by paying in advance.

Possible fines: If you have just started driving, there is a possibility that you commit a violation for lack of knowledge and end up with a fine on top. It is always best to have some cash to cancel it as soon as they give it to you, so you will not have any problem in your history.


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If the car is gas, you can save a lot on this item, but if it is gasoline, you should keep in mind that it is a separate budget. Without it, the car won’t move, so you better have the money for that.

However, although they seem to be a lot of expenses, nothing compares to the feeling of buying your first car, and if what you want is to save to the maximum so that the money reaches, the ideal is that you compare all your options before applying for the loan vehicular Look for a good rate, an adequate term and also the best benefits you can get.


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