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If you’ve never visited the Olive Tree Genealogy website, you’re missing out on a lot of free and useful information. The site is currently listed as one of the “Best Genealogy Websites of 2021” by Family Tree Magazine.

Located at, the site offers its own free genealogy databases as well as links to other free records, free genealogy tutorials and help files, free newsletter subscription, books and resource guides (for sale on the site), and a genealogy research service (for a fee).

The free databases and links to other free records focus on passenger lists, including British immigrants to the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand; palatine (German) immigration; Mennonites, Huguenots and Quakers; and Dutch history and immigration to New Amsterdam (now New York).

Also included is information and links regarding Native American research.

Many of us search long and hard to find an immigrant apprentice. Olive Tree Genealogy offers an index to child apprentices of England in America 1617-1778 at and Palatine Children Apprenticed by Governor Hunter in New York 1710-1714 at Also on the site are a number of almshouse and poor house registers from England and several of the United States. states at These can be some of the hardest people to find.

The Olive Tree Genealogy Blog at discusses countless genealogy issues. Here you can sign up to be notified of the latest discussions as they are posted on the site. The blog also has a handy menu on the right where you can search for specific topics that have been discussed in the past.

My only complaint is that clicking on the links sometimes felt like I was going in circles. The site would benefit from being organized in a different way with fewer repetitive clicks on links.