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Lost contact with a relative or old friend and don’t have their current address? There are many ways to find a current address, from searching public records to using the people search.

After choosing the design of the card or invitation, it remains only to collect the postal addresses of people and send the card or invitation by mail. Instead of spending time trying to contact each person individually, whether by phone, text or email, get the address digitally.

Many online tools offer these services. Most are like sending a bulk email and then collecting the addresses.

Here are the ways to locate addresses as quickly as possible and move on to more important things.

White pages

It’s still one of the most trusted resources for gathering contact information. You will get addresses and public numbers for free. Go to the White Pages website and enter the person’s full name in the search field. Add their city or state. The blue button near the form, Search, lists a few options for getting information.

You can also search by phone number if you know their phone. Mobile phones are generally not listed, so it is best to use a landline.

White pages search results are similar, but some are free and some are paid. In the Addresses section, you’ll see their address under “Current Address” if it’s public. Otherwise, go back and click the Addresses link. This will display a full report, which will contain the address. However, this option is not free.

Use a people locator

Sites like Melissa Lookups and TruePeopleSearch are examples of this way of find people online. Businesses and public bodies use the former, which is a free searchable database. Canada Post and US Postal Service have validated it.

TruePeopleSearch locates old addresses and phone numbers in addition to finding current ones. To search using this website, you must enter the person’s name, city and state. The search process is similar to Melissa’s.

The FamilyTreeNow genealogy site provides access to current and former addresses and phone numbers of people living in the United States.

Google Search

To find a person’s address using Google, you need to know their full name and type it in quotes. You also need their city. If you don’t know the current city, enter its state. If they have a common name, you’ll have your work cut out.

Check social media if you don’t know the city or state.

reverse phone lookup

If you can, get the person’s home phone number. You can use a people locator to get the address. If their cell phone number is not listed, you may have to pay for the search.

You can send a letter to their old address via USPS. If they have asked for mail to be forwarded to their new address, it will be easy to find.

Public records

Get in touch with their county’s tax assessor. If they have property there, you will get their address. You can get this data online for free, depending on location.

Look for a free search option on the Office of the Tax Assessor website. There are free online directories like NETR Online that you can use.

Google Forms

If you are plan a relatively large event, like for a wedding, it’s a good idea to create a separate email account just for this purpose. Collect guest addresses via the email address associated with the account. At the top of the form, write that you use it to collect mailing addresses for event invitations.

Make all fields required, so no one misses a section. An added bonus is that you will have all the correct spellings of the names because everyone will be entering their own information.

The next step is to create a spreadsheet and link the form to it. To do this, go to the “Answers” tab. Your recipients’ responses will be filled in automatically once they enter their data.

Finally, go to the link symbol to create a shareable link with the recipients. Copy it and text it to them or email it to them, whichever is easier. They will be asked to fill out the form when guests click on the link. They don’t need a Gmail address to fill out the form. When they fill it out, your address spreadsheet will be filled in automatically.

If you use a service to print your invitations, it will save the addresses for future mailings, such as birth announcements or greeting cards.

Final Thoughts

It’s best to go the old way and call people for their address if they’re not tech-savvy, like older parents. If they are friends of your parents or family members, ask a relative to call them for you. By delegating this responsibilityyou will be able to collect addresses faster.

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