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Library offers an oral history service | The star

AUBURN – Eckhart Public Library has added a new genealogy service to its existing service options. The library and its genealogy center now offer oral history appointments for those who wish to preserve conversations with loved ones.

The library is delighted to give families and friends the opportunity to come together and preserve their memories. People who register will be contacted by the library to determine their meeting time and establish the topics they wish to discuss. For those who don’t know what to talk about, the library and genealogy center will provide prompts and advice.

“We are pleased to be able to help people preserve their family history,” said Darcy Armstrong, public services manager. “Preserving conversations enriches the memories we collect, as well as the photographs and documents. When you revisit those recordings, it really brings those memories to life.

The library will not retain the recordings. They will be given to participants to keep and share with their family and loved ones.

“Intergenerational conversations become valuable,” said Jamie Long, Marketing and Community Engagement Manager. “It’s amazing how everything stays the same over time, even under different circumstances. We are thrilled to be able to connect friends and family with shared stories that were previously untapped.

Organizations wishing to record their institutional history are also invited to register. Those who want to record their oral histories can do so by visiting or by calling 925-2414, ext. 120.