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Loans without pledge

Borrow an additional guarantee

Borrow an additional guarantee

It is not always necessary to borrow an additional guarantee that the loan will be repaid – a pledge. Now, if you are in a situation of urgent financial need but your wallet and bank account are empty – you can borrow without a pledge!

None of us is immune to the rapid fluctuations in the economic situation. All of a sudden, we may find ourselves in a situation where monthly income cannot cover all expenses. Unexpected purchases, urgent payments – things that cause an additional drop in your monthly budget. Overcome financial problems in a timely manner, don’t let them “take root” in your wallet and bank account! If you need extra money to cover, for example, some payments – borrow – use the services of a fast credit company

Fast collateralized loan

Fast collateralized loan

A fast collateralized loan is a relatively short term cash loan of 30 days. This repayment period may be extended for the same period. Postpone payment if you are unsure of your financial situation. There is an unlimited number of times you can extend your refund. Remember – borrow it if you know that in the short term you will have money to pay back to the lender. Also, borrow only in situations where you really need it.

Fast loan without collateral and surety is available online – you don’t even have to leave your home to borrow! The borrowing process is simple and convenient and will not take much time.

All you need to apply for a fast loan:

  • Computer with Internet connection;
  • Bank account with a Latvian bank;
  • Mobile phone with active connection.

Criteria set by credit companies for their clients, or criteria that you must meet to qualify for instant credit:

  • Your age – You must be at least 18 years of age in Latvia in order to qualify for a quick loan from any of the loan companies;

But – most quick loan companies give loans to people over the age of 19 or 20.

  • Your Credit History – A positive or negative credit history will determine whether a loan will or will not be granted. Credit history provides the lender with information about your payment history and habits to make payments on time, or on the contrary.
  • Your Income – Regular income and amount of income will determine the amount of loan available to you.

Important – Not all companies have a formal job requirement. You can also borrow if you are out of work!

Fast credit companies offer new customers borrowing

Fast credit companies offer new customers borrowing

Fast credit companies offer new customers borrowing – free, no interest and no overpayment! Fast credit is a great way to borrow because, no matter how much you borrow, you will have to pay back – not a penny more!



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