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Mentor Library genealogy research club at Mentor-on-the-Lake branch continues to grow – News-Herald

The Back to Your Roots Genealogy Club, based at the Mentor-on-the-Lake branch of the Mentor Public Library, will continue to delve into the history of local families at its next meeting Nov. 3.

Led by long-time library staff member Lisa Layton, who has been researching genealogy herself for more than 25 years, the club offers those interested in learning more about their specific family history the opportunity to get together and exchange stories, resources and discuss their findings.

The club is open to all levels of genealogy expertise and, according to Layton, often offers newcomers a chance to learn advice from those with more experience. She explained that a basic facility with the use of computers is useful for the databases the club uses, but otherwise no prior experience is necessary.

She explained that they use several different genealogy research sites in tandem, such as, to make discoveries.

Layton said watching people connect with each other and tell the stories of their families is what really makes the club special.

“We kind of share a lot of information and stories with each other — that’s my favorite part,” Layton said. “It’s really cool to see.”

At the next meeting on Nov. 3, to be held at 6:30 p.m. at the Mentor-on-the-Lake Library branch, 5642 Andrews Road, Layton said the group would discuss the role of keepsakes and “orphan items” . — objects that have a family value or a history found in garage sales and flea markets.

The group will explain how to search for heirlooms and flea market finds, and Layton said people are welcome to bring any mementos they’d like to discuss with the group.

“We always like to do a show-and-tell,” she said.

The ability to cover related topics outside of family history is another aspect that makes Back to Your Roots an interesting band, Layton noted.

“What’s unique about the band is the fact that we’re doing a bit outside of genealogy, we’re getting a bit broader,” she said.

As the group continues to grow, Layton said she plans to start bringing in expert speakers beginning in 2022 to continue helping group members expand their genealogy toolbox.

To RSVP for the next Back to Your Roots meeting, visit or call (440) 257-2512.