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Now is the time for change – 63% of respondents want cost of living payments extended

A poll released last night showed an overwhelming 63 per cent of people agreed that the Labor Government’s recent budget announcement of a cost of living payment should be extended to those receiving benefits and a retirement pension.

“The government is aware of what is happening in our communities, as many frontline organizations have spoken out about it. This payment in no way meets the standard that the fairer future coalition has put in place, but it will help those on benefits and superannuation until we can have decent incomes,” says Auckland Action Against Poverty (AAAP) coordinator Brooke Stanley Pao ).

The United Nations has released its 2022 “Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction” which calls on us to be ambitious and transformational in our policies and systems to be resilient in anticipation of the changing impacts of climate.

“We are convinced that subsistence incomes and universal services are bridges to Matike Mai Aotearoa (constitutional transformation) because we are very aware that economic growth and ecological collapse are interconnected. We are aware of how all parts of our system are interconnected – and to achieve a just transition, no one should be left behind. We can’t call it a just transition if whole communities are.”

“The recent increase in gun violence and ram raids are just the tip of a very long genealogy in which the government refuses to accept the role it has played in ignoring the needs and dreams of our communities. . Arming our police force in Auckland will not solve these problems, which are deeply rooted and require many changes at the same time. We need robust and universal services to ensure our communities are supported.”

“We support the extension of cost of living payments to those receiving benefits and superannuation as a step towards livable incomes and universal services for Matike Mai. Labor has a very rare opportunity to set the standard for what colonizing governments can be, and they should seize it.”

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