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Payer – a novelty on the non-bank loans market

One could say that the non-bank loan market is flourishing with us more and more. I am well aware that most of you have a negative opinion about both companies and loans from this sector. My feelings are slightly different, because I think that it is always an alternative to bank loans that are not available to everyone.

I just belong to people who banks refused to grant loans at one time, and that it was a few years ago, I didn’t have as many alternative options as it is now. Today tools are available such as the Payer, which I have the opportunity to write a few words today and thanks to which we easily have the chance for additional cash, even if the bank has rejected our loan application.


For whom the payer 

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Probably should start with that, because if you are looking for the most suitable bank loan offer for yourself, then you can skip reading this article. The payer is addressed to those who are looking for a non-bank loan, whether in the form of a long-term loan with a monthly installment or a small payday loan with quick repayment. The most beneficial for this tool are those who have a problem with obtaining additional cash, so for example – they do not have the best credit history (e.g. some debts in BIK), they do not have a large monthly income (e.g. they work part-time or receive a low pension) , or their age does not allow to obtain a bank loan (people with no credit history aged 18 or 19).

In each of the above situations, the Payer can adjust the appropriate loan offer for us, making it dependent on our profile. The brand cooperates with many different types of proven companies from the non-banking sector, hence the greater probability that we will be able to obtain a loan through them, in the amount and with the repayment period we need and which will meet our expectations.


How does the Payer work and when will I get the loan?

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It all starts with the submission of the loan application, after which the company gets acquainted with our borrower’s profile and adjusts the appropriate offer to it. Literally a moment later, this offer can be presented to us electronically or by phone. At this point, we have time to decide whether we decide to take advantage of the offer, whether it meets our needs or if we expected another proposal and would like to ask for a more tailored offer.

However, when it comes to the waiting time for a loan, it depends mainly on the company that we will use the offer with. If we come across an online loan offer, in most cases such a loan appears on the account of the person who applied for the loan on the same day and often it is no longer than an hour from the moment we sent the application from the system.

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