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Required conditions for the Goldwood loan

Every loan company in Poland requires certain permanent conditions which must be met by all applicants irrespective of their credit history


1. Citizenship of the Republic of Poland or Polish Card

Citizenship of the Republic of Poland or Polish Card

This is one of the basic things to get a commitment in a loan company, possession of citizenship or a Polish card – a document confirming belonging to the Polish nation


2. Have a valid identity document: ID card, passport or driving license 

ID card

Each borrower must have a document confirming his identity with a pesel number, series and photo. Mainly three types are accepted, such as proof, passport and driving license. Verification is mostly based on a bank account or a document scan (we can be asked to do so in the final application step)


3. Have full legal capacity

money loan

Each client of a loan company must be at least 18 years old and have full legal capacity, some loan companies impose their own minimum client age such as 21 or 25 years old, however, it is never less than 18 years old.


4. Have a personal bank account

4. Have a personal bank account.

The bank account is used for several activities when taking a loan, among others for identity verification by transfer for a penny or logging in from the kontomatik system, in the case of the more often used Kontomatik system, we also confirm our credit history based on the history of inflows to our account. that shared / partner / partner accounts are not accepted, the account must be individual. The personal account is also used to pay the borrowed amount.


5. Have an active mobile number

For contact or SMS reminders about the upcoming payment date.

The above conditions are standard and apply to all lenders on our website. These are the basic things that we must have to apply for a loan in any company. As you can see, they are small compared to the bank, because most often we do not have to prepare any statements from the employer or account statements.

However, when it comes to assessing creditworthiness, each company has different criteria. Points that are taken into account are age, entries in the BIK and BIG databases, source of income. We write more about the loan decision. If you have already decided on the offer, it is worth looking into the regulations and reading the loan agreement and terms.

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